Clayton Hotel Sligo is the first hotel in Ireland with a Sensory Room. The Sensory Room is open 7 days a week, for guests and Club Vitae members.

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Calm Environment as Therapy

Multi-Sensory Environments are used as a form of therapy and they assist with the development of social skills in children and adults with special needs. This room offers children a calm environment away from the busy lifestyle of the hotel. The Sensory Room at Clayton Hotel Sligo gives children and their families an area to enjoy and feel safe in.  The room is open 7 days per week to Hotel guests and Club Vitae Members.

Perfect for Children with Special Needs

The Sensory room is specially designed for children with additional needs.

The sensory rooms provide a positive effect on the 5 senses:

  • Fragrance– The room contains different smells
  • Sight – The room is very colourful and contains moving lights, lava lamps & paintings.
  • Touch– The room contains a range of fabrics and soft toys for touch as well as different textures and sensory boards for touch.  The Sensory Room also contains a ball pool with over 1,000 colourful softballs.
  • Sound– Calming music is played in the background at all times
  • Movement – The room contains a number of objects which move and react to touch including plasma ball.

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